Friday, February 10, 2006

Royal Gold Inc. NASDAQ : RGLD


Royal Gold, Inc. is the leading publicly traded precious metals royalty company. Royal Gold owns and manages royalties on precious metals mines and through its royalty portfolio, the Company provides investors with a unique opportunity to capture value in the precious metals sector.

Royal Gold holds royalties in a number of properties without incurring the ongoing capital or operating costs associated with an operating mining company. Additionally, Royal Gold provides investors with valuable leverage to improving gold prices with sliding-scale royalties, while lowering its risk from decreasing gold prices through fixed rate royalties and floors on its sliding-scale royalties.

Through its dividend policy and business strategy, Royal Gold strives to provide shareholders with a premium precious metals investment vehicle. The Company’s royalty portfolio offers high rewards through its direct exposure to precious metals prices and the growth potential of world class ore deposits. At the same time, Royal Gold’s royalty-based business model, which involves quality operators and diversification of its royalty revenue stream, reduces the operational risks usually associated with mining.

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Royal Gold Inc. NASDAQ : RGLD

Royal Gold Inc. NASDAQ : RGLD



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