Tuesday, May 16, 2006

TSX Group Announces Global Gold Index At New York Gold Show

MAY 15, 2006 (NEW YORK CITY) – TSX Group and Standard & Poor’s, the leading global provider of independent research, ratings and indices, today announced plans to create the world’s first Global Gold Index.

At the New York Hard Assets Investment Conference, TSX Group officials provided reporters with details on the new index. The Conference, one of the largest in the U.S., caters to mining professionals and international issuers. The show also attracts top mining analysts, fund managers, investment specialists and financiers from around the world.

The new S&P/TSX Global Gold Index, which will be based in Canada, will track leading gold mining companies from around the globe. Further details and a list of issuers to be included in the new index will be released by Standard & Poor’s by the end of 2006.

TSX Group is home to approximately 60% of the world's public mining companies and Canada has the world's largest mining analyst community that covers issuers on both Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange. "Our exchanges have become the world's leading markets for raising equity capital for mining and as a result we attract numerous international mining participants," said Richard Nesbitt, CEO of TSX Group. "There is great value for mining issuers in a TSX listing. Mining issuers that list here tap into deep capital pools and there is extensive mining expertise in our market - from analysts, investment bankers, to investors.”

And mining companies from around the globe continue to come to TSX Group exchanges. This year there have been a total of 29 new mining listings on the exchanges. In aggregate, these new listings bring an additional $2.03 billion to the value of mining securities listed on TSX Group exchanges. The TSX's mining sector is home to 1198 listed mining companies with a quoted market value of over $259 billion.

Source: TSX.COM

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