Sunday, June 08, 2008

Micro Cap : USCorp(USCS)

In recent years as the the price of gold, silver and other metals climbed significantly higher- many gold and silver stocks went up 100's of percents. However, gains were mostly concentrated within the most liquid stocks -like those which are included in mining indexes and ETF's (XAU, HUI, GOX, GDX, XGD...)

At the current stage of the gold global bull market - the better value should be in the smaller stocks , those who do not yet “produce gold” but do hold economical mining properties ( normally called, exploration , development stage and junior stocks). One such company might be USCorp (USCS).

is an exploration stage company which owns two interesting US properties :
Twin Peaks Mine (Arizona) and Picacho Salton (California). See the Feasibility Studies here

In a recent business wire press release the company reported mineral resource estimation of over 2.2 million ounces of gold .See the press release here

The class A common stock trades on the Over The Counter Bulletin Board(OTCBB) symbol: USCS.OB and on the Berlin Stock Exchange Symbol: UCP.BER

The class B common stock trades on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Symbol: U9C.F

USCS weekly chart

USCorp.ob weekly chart

USCS monthly chart (all time data)

USCorp.ob monthly chart

Disclosure: Author owns USCS shares



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