Wednesday, June 28, 2006

BGO, MNG, MGN Charts Review

Bema Gold Corporation – (TSE / AMEX: BGO), AIM: BAU

Bema – had the typical PMS A-B-C correction (6.33$ - 4.08$ ), break up above the downtrend line (orange). New uptrend = green line, RSI and Stochastic trading up. PPO crossover but still below zero, PPO histogram positive. Volume dried up.

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BGO Chart

Miramar Mining Corporation (AMEX: MNG),(TSE: MAE)

Miramar – A-B-C-D-E correction (4.48$ - 2.84$), (note: E > C). Symmetrical triangle pattern between the orange line - resistance and green –support. RSI a bit above 50 with slight uptrend since mid May. PPO crossover and trending up above zero. Stochastic at overbought territory with possible bearish crossover.

MNG Chart

Mines Management, Inc. (AMEX: MGN)

MGN - A-B-C-D-E correction (10.10$ - 6.07$). Break up above downtrend line(orange) stopped just under 200 DMA. Volume collapsed to extremely low level. RSI still below 50, PPO crossover, PPO histogram positive, stochastic trending up.

NGN Chart

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