Wednesday, July 19, 2006

HUI, GDX Technical Update

Same analysis for both charts, following the completion of A-B-C correction (wave 2) both the HUI and the Goldminer ETF (GDX) have just completed minor wave up (i) , minor wave (ii) is underway and should be terminated at one of the Fibonacci lines below current price. RSI trending down below 50 , PPO natural. Support at Fib lines and 200 DMA. Once the minor correction wave (ii) is over, expect a minor yet extended wave (iii) which will probably take both GDX and HUI higher to retest the all time highs. Remember - all is subject to the price of gold (POG) - see my latest gold price analysis.

HUI - gold bugs index chart

GDX - golminer etf chart

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